NicPacks by Fedrs: tobacco free nicotine pouches

Ice Cool by Fedrs


NicPacks are ultra slim nicotine pouches containing no tobacco, tar, cancerogenic or mutagenic substances.
For NicPacks by Fedrs we use pharmaceutical nicotine from Switzerland.
Nowadays, NicPacks are the most harmless way of nicotine.

On a date
While playing
At the gym
At the office
While studying

Easy to use with concern for others

Minimal harm

Premium nicotine from Switzerland, food flavors, and cellulose

Real economy

Nicotine replacement is cheaper than cigarettes or heat systems

Time saving

Gives you a chance to concentrate more on important things!

Does not bother others

No smoke, vapor or smell

Use NicPacks as

Temporary or permanent alternative for smoking
Effective solution to quit tobacco

Truth about pharmaceutical nicotine

- Improves intellectual work capacity and information processing
- Main product of nicotine processing in human body - cotinine - improves memory
- Effectively helps to normalize body weight
- Nicotine and its derivatives cotinine and nornicotine prevent development of cancer caused by cancerogenes found in tobacco smoke

Variety of flavors and strength levels

Ice Cool is a line of NicPacks that already found a way to customer’s hearts.
7 unique bright flavors, 2 levels of strength.